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Safety is a Village affair

A Mobile Safety and Information System Specifically Adapted to the Marina Environment

red 911 emergency sign

911 Alert Notifications for Emergencies

One-tap Pre-scripted message

finger click

Mapped Sender Location

map with marker

Automatic Call-back number

call back icon

Incident Management Dashboard

Incident Management diagram

Broadcast Messaging

Male hand holding smartphone

Broadcast Messaging Platform

Broadcast tower
Smartphone and text bubbles

Small Group Messaging

Admin Staff

Office staff cheering around an office desk


3 security officers standing while talking outside

Boat Owners

Boats carrying boaters on the ocean

**Boaters on individual docks

**Special interest groups — sail/power/racing/…

boaters Information

Harbormaster's Office

Harbormaster's office

Emergency Services

2 police cars, 2 fire trucks, and an ambulance in a parking lot

Marine Weather

Weather wave buoy in the ocean
Navigation Rules and Navigation Handbook

Aids to Navigation

U.S. Aids to Navigation Systems document

Horn Signals

Boat bell, 2 horns, and a whistle

Marina Map

Map of Long Beach Shoreline Village Marina

Vendor Database

Non-Emergent Incident Reporting and Followup

Maintenance sign

Non-Injury Accident

2 car non-injury accident


Bicycle wheel chined to a pole


Sign with graffiti


Megaphone emitting sound waves

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